infodump (n), infodumping (v)

(a) a love language of the autistic community &
(b) a large amount of information at once that sets up a narrative


Disability Justice

Disability Justice Collage.png

Historically, the Disability Rights Movement has operated from a single-issue platform that centered on and was largely led by straight, cis-gender, White men with physical disabilities or mobility impairments. Around 2005, the Disability Justice Movement arose from the margins created by this single issue approach and fights to center intersectionality, commit to cross-movement organizing and cross-disability solidarity.


Disability Solidarity

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The Harriet Tubman Collective outlined Disability Solidarity praxis in a compelling call to action after seeing a need for accountability to Disability Justice within racial justice movements and accountability to racial justice work in the Disability Justice movement.


DAMN Solidarity

DAMN Solidarity Collage.png

DAMN Solidarity aims to foster access intimacy among disabled, Deaf, autistic, mad, neurodivergent/neuroqueer, and sick communities and spotlight the narratives of the most impacted - DAMN people at the intersections.




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