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neurotypism - a working definition, 3.23

[modeled on the working definition of ableism​ by TL Lewis, Dustin Gibson, & others] Neurotypism is a system that places value on people’s bodyminds based on societally constructed ideas of sociality and relationality, cognition and intelligence, processing and production, embodiment and engagement, and community.

These constructed ideas are deeply rooted in ableism, sanism, oralism, audism, anti-Black racism, misogynoir, White Supremacy, cisheterosexism, transantagonism, eugenics, classism, neoliberalism, colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism.

This form of systemic oppression leads to people and society determining who is valuable and worthy based on a person’s ability to socialize, engage, communicate, process, and perform embodiment in binary, linear, static, chrononormative, and spationormative (neurotypical) ways; and/or their ability to satisfactorily [re]produce, excel and ‘behave’.

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