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explore the damn counterspace & find something that is right for you

damn counterspace is grounded in the belief that damn exploration is most transformative and liberatory when done in community, situated in the context of damn histories, and approached using critical, intersectional, and anti-oppressive frameworks.

each offering - whether focused on information gathering, assessment and discovery, or coaching - centers praxis that replaces the medical model with community care & pathologization with transformation. 

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Not sure where to start? Frustrated by the lack of non-pathologizing resources for disabled, autistic, mad, and neuroqueer folx?

Feeling like the medical and mental health professionals you work with don't truly understand your experience?

Want to learn how pathologization is not individual, but a function of their social context and broader systems of oppression?

Embrace your curiosity in an anti-oppressive, affirming context.

Resource Creation


Based on what is discussed in the Q&A session, Courtney will curate a personalized resource package of anti-oppressive, damn-affirming information.

If further discussion and exploration are desired, damn exploration packages, such as identity integration and damn coaching offerings are available.

Radical Assessment


Feel like wait times are too long and the cost is too high for diagnostic assessment?

Wanting disability, autistic, mad, & neuroqueer affirming care?

Radical assessment focuses on discovery instead of diagnosis. The assessment process is designed as an anti-oppressive exploration of neurodivergent identity to replace or serve as a precursor and addition to traditional diagnostic assessment.

Radical assessment does not lead to diagnosis or formal paperwork for accommodations. Instead, it focuses on exploring possible identification with autistic, neurodivergent, and/or neuroqueer community.

damn counterspace is creating a foundation of transformative neuroqueer praxis that seeks to transform a traditionally individual process into a collective, community-based, and cultural one.

The process includes:

(1) 30-minute introductions & what-to-expect meeting

(1) 1-hour radical assessment process meeting

(1) 1-hour follow-up meeting, made up of (1) 30-minute assessment follow-up for further questions and thoughts to give both parties processing time and

(1) 30-minute debriefing conversation.

All are welcome to engage with the radical assessment process.

identity curiosity


an anti-oppressive space grounded in healing and transformative praxis to explore, deepen, & integrate how you understand your disabled, autistic, mad, and/or neuroqueer identities and the identities with which they intersect.

damn coaching


Do you find that suggestions for strategies such as time & stress management or study and organization tips have never really worked for you?

Would you like to learn about energy management and new strategies aligned with how your body and mind function?

These sessions are specifically dedicated to co-creating authentic embodiment & engagement strategies to meet identified goals.

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this booklet provides an in-depth description of damn counterspace offerings, prices, and practices.

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