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Disability Solidarity

"Disability solidarity means disability communities actively working to create racial justice, and [non-disability] civil rights communities showing up for disability justice."  - Talila 'TL' Lewis

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Disability Solidarity: Completing the "Vision for Black Lives"

"Comprising no less than twenty percent of the United States population, people with disabilities are the largest “minority” group in the nation. Notably, among differing socially-constructed racial categories, the Black community has the highest prevalence of disability–with almost a full quarter of the Black population having some form of a disability.

And yet, on August 1, 2016, the Movement for Black Lives (the “Movement”) released a groundbreaking policy platform outlining the Movement’s idea of what is required to build a more just world for “all black people” that did not once mention disability, ableism, audism or the unspeakable violence and Black death found at the intersection of ableism, audism, and anti-Black racism." 

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disability at the intersections

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why I don't use "anti-Black ableism" (& language longings)

TL Lewis

"But why would we use “anti-Black” to modify ableism when by its definition, at least in the US context, anti-Blackness is at the heart of ableism?"


TL Lewis & Disability Justice

at the intersection podcast

"Marion talks to disability justice activist Talila A. Lewis about the often erased or ignored intersections of disability and other marginalized identities. They also talk about the myth of productivity as a value, and a deeper form of reparations."


Disability Solidarity: A Living Playlist

Dustin Gibson & TL Lewis

"Black people have never lost touch with how disability lives in and flows through and out of us. We have always found ways to tell the truth about how the conditions we live, love, and survive in [in]form our bodies and minds.

Though we rarely use white European language of “disability” to explain our truths, through our art, we have created entire cultural catalogues to capture and commemorate the Black disabled experience."

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Achieving Liberation Through Disability Solidarity: 
Honoring Arnaldo Rios-Soto & Charles Kinsey

Talila 'TL' Lewis

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to be pro neurodiversity is to be antiracist
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