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disability justice

media by disabled people of color & queer/trans disabled people who dared to imagine a world where disability justice & its vision of wholeness could fill the cracks of cliffhangers not yet resolved

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To Survive the Trumpocalypse We Need Wild Disability Justice Dreams

Leah Lakshimi Piepzna-Samarasinha

"You want to know how you’ll know if you’re doing disability justice? You’ll know you’re doing it because people will show up late, someone will vomit, someone will have a panic attack and nothing will happen on time because the ramp is broken on the supposedly “accessible” building...

The brilliance of disability comes from this innovation and commitment to not leaving each other behind... It takes the shape of movements that...see that care work as not a sideline to “the real work” of activism, but the real work of activism, all while building cultures where we don’t shame each other for being sick or having needs."

constructing the framework

these materials are (a small sampling of) the infrastructure of the movement built, first and foremost, by queer, disabled people of color


10 Principles of Disability Justice

Sins Invalid

"From our vantage point within Sins Invalid, where we incubate the framework and practice of disability justice, this emerging framework has ten principles, each offering opportunities for movement building."


What is Disability Justice?

Sins Invalid, Adapted from Patty Berne's "Disability Justice - a working draft" 

"This is a living document that grows and changes along with our emerging movement... It is an invitation to those of us working on disability issues, to continue to support one another to find a language as powerful and expansive as our movement’s vision... [w]e know in our bones that there have also always been disabled people visioning a world where we flourish, a world that values and celebrates us in all our beauty."

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Changing the Framework: Disability Justice

Mia Mingus, on "How our communities can move beyond access to wholeness"

"In my time doing social justice work, I have found that disability is something most people know very little about—and that includes seasoned, fierce and well-respected community organizers and activists... It is rare that people think about disability as a political experience or as encompassing a community full of rich histories, cultures and legacies."

Tiny Multi-Color Hearts Valentine's Card

This Is Disability Justice

Nomy Lamm, for The Body Is Not An Apology

"Disability exists in every sector of society: in immigrant communities, in prisons, in religious and spiritual communities, among veterans and homeless folks, among children and elders and everyone in between, so every movement has to advance disability justice, and vice versa... Liberation can’t happen alone; we have to reach toward one another.

Whether online, in our bedrooms and living rooms, in letters passing through prison guards’ hands, or in the streets, we are part of a growing movement, and we are just developing the practice right now. We make the road by walking, rolling, prancing, crawling, limping along it."


Skin, Tooth, and Bone: The Basis of Our Movement is Our People

Sins Invalid

"[A] Disability Justice Primer based in the work of Patty Berne and Sins Invalid. The Disability Justice Primer offers concrete suggestions for moving beyond the socialization of ableism, such as mobilizing against police violence, how to commit to mixed ability organizing, and access suggestions for events" and more.  

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Crip Kinship, Shayda Kafai

The Disability Justice & Art Activism of Sins Invalid

"Grounded in the disability justice framework, Crip Kinship investigates the revolutionary survival teachings that disabled, queer of colour community offers to all our bodyminds. From their focus on crip beauty and sexuality to manifesting digital kinship networks and crip-centric liberated zones, Sins Invalid empowers and moves us toward generating our collective liberation from our bodyminds outward."


Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

"Care Work is a mapping of access as radical love, a celebration of the work that sick and disabled queer/people of colour are doing to find each other and to build power and community, and a toolkit for everyone who wants to build radically resilient, sustainable communities of liberation where no one is left behind. Powerful and passionate, Care Work is a crucial and necessary call to arms."

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