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damn counterspace

imagining & creating counter-spaces dedicated to anti-oppressive, transformative damn authenticity & healing

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the damn solidarity project is committed to building a solidarity economy and believes in "care for all and not profit for some" (Both/And).

We acknowledge the foundation of slavery, labor exploitation and extraction, and violence against QT/BIPOC disabled, autistic, mad, & neuroqueer communities on which our current economy is built.

We are dedicated to an anti-capitalist politic.

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Solidarity Rate

The solidarity rate is for people, groups, and organizations who are surviving. This rate is prioritized for indigenous people, immigrants, people of color, working class and poor people, and/or queer and trans people. This rate may still be a barrier to some. We are committed to flexibility in this regard - please reach out to courtney at to discuss other arrangements.

Full Rate

The full rate reflects the 'true cost' of the work and break-even rate.

Redistribution Rate

The redistribution rate reflects an equitable cost for individuals, groups, and organizations with structural advantages and access to wealth. the difference between the full and redistribution rates are invested into the operation budget and a mutual aid fund for those who cannot pay the solidarity rate

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