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telling DAMN stories

The idea for #CripTheVax is based on the amazing hashtag, #CripTheVote, created in 2016 by Gregg Beratan, Andrew Pulrang, and Alice Wong. Just as #CripTheVote brought disability to the forefront of public consciousness, I hope that #CripTheVax can do the same for disabled, Deaf, autistic, mad, neurodivergent/neuroqueer, and sick communities to ensure the prioritization of DAMN access needs in the safe pursuit of COVID vaccination. 

I imagined #VaxInAut as a hashtag explicitly about Autistic experiences with the COVID vaccine. Discussions/tweets that center sensory and communication access needs related to vaccination, as well as the current context of anti-Autistic neurotypism created by anti-vaxxers, are imperative.

Through telling our DAMN stories, “We Keep Us Safe.”

damn vaccine narratives: Text
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