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DAMN Solidarity

DAMN Solidarity aims to facilitate collective access, access intimacy, and mutual aid among disabled, d/Deaf, autistic, mad, neurodivergent/queer, and sick communities and spotlight the narratives of the most impacted - DAMN people at the intersections.

The DAMN Solidarity Project works towards this goal by: 

  • amplifying DAMN histories, cultures, social movements, and community-based wisdom;

  • enriching available modes and mediums of community engagement through honoring DAMN wisdom, skills, and science;

  • increasing education about DAMN access needs and collective access practices; and 

  • honoring the cross-disability and intersectional diversity often erased by medical and policy-based, single-story operationalization of disability.

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What does DAMN community mean to you?

"But no, like, within our own communities, you're fighting for liberation, but community is also a place for [access] intimacy and, and celebration of your identities; of your, of your complexity, of your messiness, of your chaos, um of, of, yeah, just your community, so um, that's what I want DAMN Solidarity to be - is a place to fight for liberation, and a place to celebrate crip joy, autistic joy neuroqueer joy, mad joy, and, and just, yeah, our, our, our chaos and messiness. That's sort of my, my dream for us. And, um, I'm really excited to be able to share that. "

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What does DAMN Solidarity look like?

" well as the importance of like, um, you know, not only identifying, um, categorically with these identities but also politically. So politicization within the DAMN community would just allow this, um, I think more accessible - um, like focused on access needs, access intimacy - and successful - in terms of liberation not capitalistic success - but liberation, because we'd be approaching it from all of these different angles and using messy, chaos, and complexity to our advantage."

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