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cultural work

designed by courtney wade

cultural work: Image
neuroqueer justice action potential lines.png

neuroqueer justice

visit the virtual wheat pasting exhibit inspired by the direct-action street art technique & learn more about the neuroqueer justice framework

remote control pop art.png

cultural campaign for remote access

a campaign that centers the damn resistance to 'back to normal' & works towards permanent, expansive remote access


spoonie zine

neuroqueering/cripping communication about care & facilitating cultural care work in the legacy of zine-making


neuroqueer art & damn design

graphic art created to non-verbally communicate my personal neuroqueer experience

& designs inspired by jen white johnson, the universes of transformative possibility, & the planets of neuroqueer communities


damn posters

a collection of damn-affirming posters that channel transformative possibilities of collective access & liberation



a curation of photos that serve as a collective embodiment of my lived experience as a damn person, especially from an autistic & neuroqueer lens

cultural work: Causes
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